A new patient experience

By myfacedental, Jul 05 2020 22:14PM


I’m lucky enough not to have had any terrible experiences with a visit to the dentist, so although this was my initial appointment with the team at MyFace, I wasn’t nervous at all.  And even if I had been, Charlotte, on Reception, would have put me at ease immediately.  She welcomed me like an old friend with a friendly smile, and set me up with a drink and the obligatory clipboard and pen to complete a few details about myself on a brief questionnaire.  Since I love talking about myself and favour a multiple-choice quiz, this was a good start to our potential relationship. That is, the relationship between myself and MyFace; Charlotte was friendly but completely professional!

After the briefest of waits, I was led to the dreaded (by some) dentists’ chair by the lovely Lewis who, after the introductions, talked me through some of the answers I had given on my questionnaire and discussed possible options I have with MyFace, who not only provide dental care but also facial aesthetics.  Lewis has a very calming manner, and I can imagine anyone who does have a bit of a dental-phobia would be absolutely chilled out after five minutes with him.  He talked me through my first appointment, and why he was doing what he was doing and saying those weird codes that dentists say to their dental nurses – in nearly 40 years of going to the dentist I’ve never had such an insight into my treatment! And to top it all off there was a TV in the treatment room, a nice distraction if you are unsettled by your surroundings.

I had an appointment with the hygienist after my check-up, and again, Lydia was very friendly and personable, and talked me through everything she was doing.  I came away from the whole experience almost feeling like I’d had a trip to the spa, I felt so relaxed! And with some confidence that I’d finally found a practice that were interested in fixing small things that had been niggling me, rather than getting the feeling that I was just another number on a balance sheet, as I have with previous practices.  Excited for my next ‘spa day’ – thanks guys