What a start to the New Year

By myfacedental, Mar 22 2016 02:00PM

Wow. It has been over a month since our last blog. It has been busy beyond belief and has been a great time for the whole team.


In January, we let you know about the arrival of Andrew. He has fitted right in and is a big hit with all our patients. Not to put too fine a point on it, he is a great dentist and an all round nice guy.


A while back we mentioned that we were redesigning the website. There have been many changes made along the way and we are still adding bits as we go. It has though, been great fun. The freedom to change what we want when we want is amazing and has probably helped our creative sides come out as we experiment with various ideas. We would whole heartedly recommend designing a website in house.


Now, the thing that has got us all most excited is Tim's BBC debut! What started as a telephone call asking if Tim could help an Inside Out West journalist has snowballed in to something far bigger than we could imagine.


The subject was illegal tooth whitening and the final piece was great. However, from being the lead piece in the local programme, other regions quickly saw the merit in the investigation and it was shown in other broadcasting areas around the country. In addition to this, Tim was on BBC Radio Gloucestershire (scroll forward to 1 hour 11 mins!!) and Points West! We all love the final item which was shown on Inside Out last night.


It has been a great couple of months and has given us high hopes that the rest of the year will be excellent!!