Make sure that you are your own best friend

By myfacedental, Oct 18 2016 11:04AM

A dog is man's best friend. We are told that often. We are a nation of dog lovers, and nowhere is that more true than at myFACE dentistry. There are a total of 8 members in our team, who own 8 dogs between them.


As those of you who follow myFACE will know, Teddy is an integral part of our team. Last weekend he began to limp and so Tim and Lydia took him to the vet. The decision was taken to sedate Teddy and check if there was anything stuck in his paw. There wasn't, so Teddy was sent home with various pills, potions and lotions to make him feel better. And then of course there was the bill, which was paid without question.


And Tim noticed that the other bills which were presented to owners while they were waiting were also paid without any resistance. This is of course, because our dogs, cats, rabbits and other furry friends are our companions. When we leave the house, we take time to talk to them about when we will be back, ask them to be good and maybe give them a treat, whilst we yell "bye!" up the stairs to our significant other.


The thought that they may be in any discomfort whatsoever cuts us to the bone. They are without doubt our best friends.


So why then, when we visit the dentist do we wince and sometimes even argue when presented with the bill for our care? We are asked to spend around £100 on a filling which will prevent the tooth from deteriorating further, leading to potential agony and more expensive and uncomfortable treatment. This is by and large comparable with the insurance excess on many pet policies and for some reason, spending the money on our pet's health and well being seems far more important that spending it on our own.


Why? If someone said to you "I have just paid £100 for a filling. It is going to save my tooth and keep me out of pain, but it was such a waste of money" you would think they were mad.


Are we all being a bit too British? Is it somehow that we think we are not good enough that after going to work every day, it is far more noble to spend our hard earned money on our animals?


Maybe it is time to start putting ourselves first. After all, our pets know when we are down, or in pain and they wouldn't want to think that we were hurting any more than we would about them. So be your own best friend for a change!