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Reception Dentist Cheltenham

Late Cancellation and Failed Attendance Policy


We do not charge for missed appointments providing that 24 hours’ notice is given. Cancellation of an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice means that we are unable to re-allocate the time to other patients. This leads to lost treatment time, and longer delays for appointments. Running an efficient appointment system where patients give us notice if they are unable to attend a dental appointment, means that we minimise waiting time for treatment.


Minimum Notice - 24 Hours

We aim to be fair to our patients and widely publicise our cancellation policy, which requires 24 hours’ notice to cancel or move an appointment. This information is printed on all appointment cards and text/email reminders. Our dental receptionists can inform you of your cancellation record.


Late Cancellation and Re-booking

In the first instance of a late cancellation or failure to attend, we will give you the opportunity to rebook the appointment, you will also be notified that we need at least 24 hours for any further cancellations. In the second instance of a late cancellation or failure to attend, you will be informed that there will be a charge.



Charges will be made at £25 per 20-30 minute appointment. For example, if you miss a double appointment for a dental health check and a hygienist visit on the same day, you will attract a cancellation charge of £50. If appointments are continually cancelled without 24 hours notice, it may be necessary to charge the full appointment fee. This will be added to your account.


We appreciate your understanding of our late cancellation policy in helping to run an effective and efficient appointment system.

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