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When all your teeth are missing in one or both arches, several implants can be placed to support a full arch bridge, which is fixed in place, unlike a denture which has to be removed.


Poorly fitting dentures can have a negative impact on your general health, as many people experience difficulty in eating certain foods which can lead to a diet which is not properly balanced.  


Although many implants are available, at myFACE dentistry and facial aesthetics we only use brands which are well established and provide a product which looks great and let's you live life to the full. Book a free consultation with our implant dentist.


Caring for your implants is very important to keep them in good condition and you can view a video about the best brushing technique here.

Implants have been used for many years to replace missing teeth. They are becoming increasingly popular and more affordable. Often, other than dentures, alternative treatments to replace missing teeth involve removing healthy tooth tissue and putting extra strain on teeth. Implants remove the need for this.


When only two or three teeth are missing each tooth can be replaced with an implant, or alternatively a bridge can be constructed to fit over fewer implants.  


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