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Dental and Facial Aesthetic Fees and Plans

 At myFACE, we offer the myFACE Smile Plan through Agilio. Many of you may have heard of Denplan but this is an alternative. The plan costs £20.97 per month (children under five included free when a carer joins) plus a one off £10.00 joining fee.  Included in the monthly fee is: 

  • Two dental health check ups with the dentist

  • Two hygiene appointments with the dental hygienist or therapist

  • Radiographs (X-rays) as needed

  • Worldwide dental accident and emergency insurance

  • Discounted treatments as detailed below.

Dr Jennifer Attenborough with a client during a free of charge consultation.

Over the age of five, children cost just £4.47 (plus a one off £5.00 joining fee) per month. Included in the monthly fee are:

  • Two dental health check ups with the dentist

  • Radiographs as needed

  • Discounted treatments

  • Appointment with the hygienist if recommended by the dentist

We also offer finance options, so please ask your dentist for details. 

Unlike Denplan, you do not need to be dentally fit before joining our plan. You can join at your first check-up appointment and start using the benefits from the plan immediately. There is a one off £10 joining fee for adults, and a one off £5 joining fee for children. 


New Patient Dental Health Assessment 

Routine Dental Health Check

Small X-rays

Emergency visit during opening hours, exlcuding treatment cost

Emergency Out of Hours Call Out Fee

Prevention and Plaque Control Adult (30 minutes)

Prevention and Plaque Control Children 


Tooth whitening with Home Trays

Enlighten Tooth Whitening (inc in surgery whitening

Root Canal Therapy Incisor

Root Canal Therapy Premolar

Porcelain Bonded Crown

Porcelain Veneer


Single Implant

Root Canal Therapy Molar

All Porcelain Crown

Full upper or lower acrylic denture

Full upper and lower acrylic denture

Partial acrylic denture

Partial chrome denture


Labial Orthodontics (per arch)

Wrinkle Reducing Injections

One Area

Two Areas

Three Areas

Dermal Fillers

Two Syringes

Facial Controuring

Profhilo 2ml

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Ellanse (up to 3ml)

One Syringe

Diagnostic Treatment 


Members Fee


Non-Members Fee







Root Canal Therapy

Tooth Whitening





Free - 2 per year

From £147.00

Crown and Bridge Work

Surgical Treatment

















From £2800.00








From £947.00

Thread/Leg Veins

Leg Thread Vein (one treatment)

Facial Thread Veins (up to two visits)

Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

Silhouette Soft Thread Lift (per thread)











From £177.00
















From £2900.00








From £947.00






Non Surgical Blepharoplasty

From £397.00

From £477.00

Mole/Skin Tag Removal




Face One Session

Face Three Sessions






For our regular clients, FACEplan enables you to spread the cost of facial aesthetics treatments over the year, with an additional discount of 10%, (following your initial treatment).

FACEplan can be tailored to your individual needs.  We can provide you with a quote depending on your chosen treatment.  For example, a patient choosing to have one area of wrinkle reducing injections, three times a year would pay £51.08 per month.  

Patients who are members of our myFACE Smile plan also benefit from reduced prices for any facial aesthetics treatments they choose to have.

We are also able to offer patients the option to spread the cost of their treatment with finance agreements through an external company called V12.

Dental or facial treatment plans over £500.00 can be spread over 12 months interest free or 9.9% interest over 24, 36 and 48 months. 

Please follow the link for further information

Finance examples:

12 months interest free

Total cost of treatment: £4500.00

Total cost per month: £375.00 per month

Total amount payable: £4500.00

9.9% interest over 36 months

Total cost of treatment: £4500.00

Total cost per month: £137.38 per month

Total amount payable: £4945.50



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