For many people who participate in sports or work in physical professions, a mouth guard is a vital piece of kit.


Although they can be purchased in sports' shops for a few pounds, they do not provide the level of protection required to keep your teeth safe.


Trauma to the teeth, their roots, or to soft tissue in the mouth is not only painful, but can cause permanent damage.  Aside from the initial discomfort of facial injury, the treatment needed may prove to be costly.

Sports guard2_edited.jpg

Custom fitted guards are the adviseable way to protect your smile whilst taking part in the sports which you love.  At myFACE the dentist will take impressions which are then used to create a copy of your teeth which is then used to create a guard which is unique to you.


Not only are custom fitted guards far more comfortable than generic alternatives, but you can also customise them by having them made in a colour of your choice. 

Schools and community sports teams now also understand the importance of using guards and will not allow young players to participate without one.  We would advise parents to check regularly that their child's guard still fits well as their teeth grow.