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Children's toothbrush

Children at myFACE

Most children who come to see us have their appointments after school or during the school holidays when there are many more exciting activities on offer.  It is therefore really important that they understand that a trip to the dentist is well worth

taking the time away from whatever else they could be doing! To book your child in for their dental health assessment at myFACE dentistry and facial aesthetics Cheltenham call 01242 570404.

Childrens Drawing of myFACE Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics
Children brushing teeth

All children know that grown ups are very boring, and get them to do lots of pointless things, so we thought we would ask a few of our younger patients for their thoughts on coming to see us......

"You should come to the dentist because when you are young you don't understand the importance of cleaning your teeth and keeping your mouth healthy.  However at myFace there are opportunities to learn the importance of why you need to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

And when you get older you have the opportunity to get a custom fitted gum shield. It is important to have a gum shield as however clean and healthy your teeth are you will need a gum shield to stop them being knocked out or chipped in sports like rugby or hockey."


"J" age 12  


"Children should come here because everyone is kind and helpful, you will get taught how to brush your teeth properly. If you do really well or want a sticker or if you have been offered a sticker you can have one."


"K" age 9

This brief video explains the importance of children attending the dentist on a regular basis and how myFACE can help them to maintain a high level of oral hygiene.

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