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Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding is a great minimally invasive way to a change the shape and appearance of your teeth without the need for removing any tooth tissue, or injections. Composite is bonded to your teeth and shaped to help create the perfect smile using a tooth coloured resin material. 

A full free of charge consultation is provided with one of our dentists in order to discuss the results you are looking to achieve. The treatment is usually then completed in one further session.

The treatment process if similar to a white composite filling (although no tooth tissue is removed). The tooth surface is prepared first to ensure the resin material bonds to the tooth. The resin material is then added to the tooth in stages and set with a curing light. The material is undetectable, as it is matched to the colour of your teeth. 

It may be worth bearing in mind that tooth coloured resin material does not change colour, so if you are considering whitening your teeth, this should be completed prior to treatment. Head to our tooth whitening page for further information. 

Composite bonding can require maintenance such as polishing as over time the materials used can stain, the same way your normal teeth can. The bonding will also need replacing on average every 5 years or more. The treatment is also fully reversible as no damage is caused to the teeth, it can be removed or repaired if necessary. 

Composite bonding starts from £167.00 per tooth for our dental plan members. 

Fantastic results of composite bonding used to close an anterior gap

This client had a combination of tooth whitening and composite bonding. 

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