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Man using floss to clean his teeth interdentally.

Preventative Care

At myFACE, the dentist and hygienist will help you to keep your teeth, gums and other soft tissues healthy. 


Aside from brushing your teeth and interdental cleaning (in-between the teeth) on a regular basis, one of the easiest ways to keep your oral health in tip top condition is to attend regular appointments.  


By coming to myFACE for regular check ups with the dentist and appointments with the hygienist we can try to identify any potential issues before they get a chance to develop into potentially costly issues. Although unexpected issues can still occur.  


Through preventative care and education, we can maintain your oral health in many ways, including oral hygiene advice, dietary advice, risk assessments, sealants if necessary, and even sports guards to physically protect your teeth.

We welcome all the family and feel that it is important to introduce children to a healthy lifestyle from an early age.   Find out more about children at myFACE here.

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