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Veneers are thin, custom made laminates of tooth coloured material, that cover the surface of your teeth to change their colour, shape or position. Veneers are an ideal form of cosmetic dentistry correcting teeth that are too small or too big, have uneven surfaces, mottling or cracks. 


They can be used to close spaces or straighten teeth when orthodontics is not wanted. The outcome is a beautiful, durable, natural smile.


Veneers require little or no reduction of the tooth itself and so little or no anaesthesia is required.  Veneers are a popular solution for those seeking a perfect smile.


We offer a free of charge consultations to discuss the treatment and you will be given the opportunity to explain the look and results that you are aiming to achieve.  


You will receive a full treatment plan detailing work to be carried out.  This will include a full break down of all the costs involved. We also offer 0% interest finance on treatments plans over £500.00.  


Where ever possible we will book all the appointments needed for your course of treatment at the outset.

Have you considered tooth whitening and/or orthodontic treatment? Sometimes these are a less invasive, great alternative to Veneers, that many people haven't considered. Head to our tooth whitening page or head to our orthodontic page. 

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