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Chrome denture side view


Some people find it extremely difficult to change from natural teeth to dentures and find that they move around. By combining dentures with implants or mini implants they can become more stabilized to overcome this problem. Mini implants are a compromise to conventional implants, but are a fraction of the investment and work well to improve stability of denture. Head to our implant page for further information. 

Dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for many years, either as a temporary or permanent measure.  Replacing missing teeth can have an impact on your appearance as not only do they replace gaps but can often provide a scaffold to your cheeks, preventing them sinking in which may give you a hollowed appearance. If you do not replace missing teeth you may lose your chewing ability and find it more difficult to eat.

With improvements in dentistry and in laboratories, dentures can be made to look very natural. To have a more natural look myFACE can individualize your denture to suit you. Fillings, fractures or stains can be incorporated into the denture. 

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