Safety at myFACE 

At myFACE, patient safety is of paramount importance, not only when providing treatment to patients, but also when striving to improve the Practice and the service that we deliver.

As a member of CODE, we are kept up to date with the latest guidelines and regulations within the dentistry sector.

One example of how we maintain patient safety is through the control and prevention of cross infection. To achieve this:

- We follow the latest infection prevention guidelines from the  Department of Health.


- All dental instruments are either single use only, or sterilised after use.


- Work areas, dental chairs and handles are decontaminated in between patients, and protected with disposable shields.


- All staff maintain a high standard of personal hygiene; including clinical clothing and the restricted wearing of jewellery.


- Staff who may have a blood borne infection have an occupational health examination, as well as taking expert advice on their role in treating patients.


- Practice water is continually monitored for quality and dental unit waterlines are thoroughly maintained.


- Waste is handled according to current regulations and disposed of with the appropriate carriers.

All team members are updated on CPR protocols on an annual basis and we have a defibrilator on site.