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Dentist tray of instruments


Over recent years, tooth colour fillings have become increasingly popular, however it is important to remember that amalgam is still a highly effective material for filling cavities.


As with all our treatments, at myFACE the dentist will always discuss with the patient the most appropriate solution whilst taking the patient's wishes into account.

When filling a tooth the dentist will always shape the filling to make sure that your bite is comfortable and when using composite material we will choose the most appropriate shade to blend with your natural teeth. It is important to note that tooth whitening does not change the colour of fillings, so if you are thinking of whitening your teeth, please speak to your dentist. 

The benefits of using composite from a cosmetic point of view are clear and therefore may be more suitable for teeth which are clearly visible.  It can also be used to close up gaps and re shape teeth.

The cost of your fillings will be clearly outlined in a treatment plan before any procedure is carried out.  Patients who are member of our Smile plan benefit from lower treatment prices.  

A small filling costs £147.00 for dental plan members.  Please refer to our fees page for further information.

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